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Auxiliary machine


Auxiliary machine


Measuring range: 0 ~ 6MPa; 0 ~ 100MPa


Uses: Connected to the main engine can be used to test piston pressure gauges, pressure sensors, digital pressure gauges, pressure transmitters and other precision pressure gauges.


Technical features:

● Equipped with WN-sensor, 12 sets of conversion joints, and a set of conversion trays. It can be connected with the main engine to verify all imported and domestic pistons. The universal displacement sensor displays the working position of the tested piston through the meter. The accuracy is high and the observation is conspicuous.

● The auxiliary machine is equipped with a pressure regulator and a shut-off valve connected to the main engine. When the piston is calibrated, the shut-off valve can be used to determine the falling speed and duration of the tested piston. The sealing structure has novel design and excellent performance.

● The output interfaces are all M20x1.5 standard interfaces. It is equally convenient and practical to connect with the host to check products other than pistons.

● The base is made of aluminum alloy, which is light, sturdy and beautiful.


The certificate of China Institute of Metrology or Shanghai Metrology and Testing Institute is attached to the factory.

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