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Druckwechsel-Prüfmaschine der Serie KY-MC
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Druckwechsel-Prüfmaschine der Serie KY-MC


KY-MC series pressure alternating test machine


● KY-MC series is a pressure alternating test device with rigid piston motion principle. The liquid range can reach 100MPa and the gas range can reach 10MPa. The pressure alternating principle of the liquid medium is that the piston moves up and down, changes the volume of the system to the pressure sinusoidal waveform, and controls the alternating frequency, and can also automatically compensate the pressure during the test. The principle of the gas medium is to achieve sinusoidal waveform and frequency control in the amount of intake air and outflow in the piston rotation control system. Life is much higher than other forms of alternating devices. Other pressure alternating waveforms such as square wave, trapezoidal wave, and triangular wave can be customized.


● KY-MC-100

Alternating pressure amplitude: (0.1 ~ 100) MPa continuously adjustable

Test frequency: (0.5 ~ 2) Hz stepless speed regulation

Test medium: oil

Pressure generation method: hardness seal piston up and down movement

Control mode: PLC


● KY-MC-1

Alternating pressure amplitude: (0 ~ 10) MPa continuously adjustable

Test frequency: (0.5 ~ 2) Hz stepless speed regulation

Test medium: nitrogen or dry compressed air

Pressure generation method: air source intake, piston rotation control

Control mode: PLC

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