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Main and auxiliary machine integrated wide range piston pressure gauge
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Main and auxiliary machine integrated wide range piston pressure gauge


Main and auxiliary machine integrated wide-range piston pressure gauge (0.02, 0.01, 0.005)


Technical indicators are better than JJG59-2007 national metrological verification procedures



Measuring range (MPa)

Nominal range (MPa)





0.1 to 6

0.1 to 6


0.5 to 25

0.5 to 25


1 to 60

1 to 60





2 to 160

2 to 160

level of accuracy

0.02, 0.01, 0.005

Working medium

The upper limit is less than 25MPa, and the mixed oil of transformer oil and kerosene is used. The upper limit of 25MPa or more (including 25MPa) is bis(2-ethylhexyl) sebacate.

Piston material

Tungsten carbide

Weight material

stainless steel


Can be used for quantity transfer and high precision measurement


Technical features:

● Integration of main and auxiliary machines.

a, no need to connect auxiliary machines, reduce errors, verification work is more convenient and fast.

b. The piston is easy to load and unload.


● Each unit is equipped with a displacement sensor with a resolution of 0.03mm.

a. The auxiliary machine is equipped with WN-sensor (monitored universal displacement sensor), 12 sets of conversion joints, and a set of conversion trays. It can check the current domestic and imported any pistons. It has strong compatibility and is the first creation in China.

b. The displacement sensor is configured with coils, which are sturdy and durable and maintenance-free.

c. The instrument shows the working position of the tested piston, the resolution is high, the error is small, the observation is more convenient and accurate; the inaccuracy of the observation lamp and the inconvenience in the use process are completely solved.

d. The displacement sensor is equipped with a regulating valve that can be adjusted to any desired point. Height adjustment (0-280) mm up and down; horizontal adjustment width (0-55) mm. e. The power supply is connected to the main power supply (using the power supply is 220V, the built-in regulated power supply), and it is not necessary to separately connect to the power supply, which is more convenient to use.


● It is equipped with a 0.005-stage pre-pressure pump, which is easy to build, durable and has few failures.


● The standard piston stop valve is configured to close the connection between the standard piston and the tested piston when needed, which is more convenient to use.


● Configure the descent speed tester.


The certificate of China Institute of Metrology or Shanghai Metrology and Testing Institute is attached to the factory.

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