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0.05 standard wide range piston pressure gauge
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0.05 standard wide range piston pressure gauge


0.05 standard wide range piston pressure gauge (0.05)


Technical indicators are better than JJG59-2007 national metrological verification procedures



Measuring range (MPa)

Nominal range (MPa)





0.1 to 6

0.1 to 6


0.5 to 25

0.5 to 25


1 to 60

1 to 60




level of accuracy

Level 0.05

Working medium

The upper limit of 25MPa or less uses transformer oil and kerosene mixed oil; the upper limit is more than 25MPa (including 25MPa) using di(2-ethylhexyl) sebacate

Piston material

Tungsten carbide

Weight material

Tungsten steel or stainless steel (optional)

Basic error

The basic error is ±0.05% of the actual measured pressure over the entire measurement range.


Can be used to test piston pressure gauges, float pressure gauges, pressure sensors, pressure transmitters, digital pressure gauges and other precision pressure gauges


Technical features:

● The measuring range is wide. When the lower limit is 1MPa, the basic error is ±0.05%. It can be seen that one KY100 type pressure gauge can be used against the three domestic pressure measuring units of 6, 60 and 100MPa.

● The piston and cylinder are made of tungsten carbide with high strength, high hardness and low temperature coefficient of expansion. After calculation, the deformation error is negligible; the working environment temperature can be relaxed to 20±5°C; the performance is very stable.

● The piston and cylinder are precision ground, the roundness error and the gap are very small, and the viscosity of the azelaic acid di(ethylhexyl) ester specified by the international high pressure is very small (20-25). Mm2/s is a pressure transmitting medium, which ensures extremely high sensitivity of the pressure gauge.

● The working position of the piston is monitored by a displacement sensor, which is sensitive, eye-catching and accurate.

● Configure the piston stop valve. When the piston is not working, close the valve and use it as a test bench.

● Configure two output interfaces to improve work efficiency.

● The piston area is small, the weight is small (KY6, 12kg weight; KY60, 30kg weight), the operation is lighter, and the labor intensity is reduced for the operator.

● The load has a low center of gravity, the piston runs smoothly, and the pressure fluctuation is extremely small.

● The sealing structure is novel in design and excellent in performance.

● Pre-pressure pump, pressure regulator, valve, pressure guiding tube, etc. are reliable, light and beautiful, and easy to use.


The certificate of China Institute of Metrology or Shanghai Metrology and Testing Institute is attached to the factory.

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