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KY0.005 piston pressure gauge
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KY0.005 piston pressure gauge


KY line wide range piston pressure gauge (0.005 level)



Measuring range (MPa)

Nominal range (MPa)





0.1 to 6

0.1 to 6


0.5 to 25

0.5 to 25


1 to 60

1 to 60





2 to 160

2 to 160

level of accuracy

Level 0.005

Working medium

The transformer oil and kerosene mixed oil are used below the line of 25MPa; the upper limit is above 25MPa (including 25MPa) using bis(2-ethylhexyl) sebacate

Piston material

Tungsten carbide

Weight material

stainless steel

Basic error

The basic error is ±0.01% of the actual measured pressure over the entire measurement range.


Can be used as a working reference and high precision measurement


Technical characteristics: All technical indicators are better than JJG59-2007 national metrological verification procedures

● Due to the high sensitivity of the lower limit of the pressure gauge, the accuracy at the lower limit is also 0.005 grade, ±0.005%. It has the advantage of "wide range".

● Both the piston and the piston cylinder are made of tungsten carbide material and polished by special process, which not only has small temperature error, but also has small piston falling speed, long free rotation of the piston and long service life.

● The 0.005 pressure gauge is equipped with a thermometer for temperature correction.

● Rotate the valve with 180°, the force is constant, the seal is reliable, and the service life is long.


KY wide range piston pressure gauge features

● The measuring range is wide and the measuring range is consistent with the nominal range. When the general pressure gauge is less than 10% of the upper limit of measurement, the error is calculated by the upper limit of 10%. For example, the range (1 ~ 100MPa), ± 0.005% pressure gauge measured at 1MPa, the error is ± 0.05%, instead of ± 0.005%. 10 MPa is its lower limit. It can be seen that the ratio of the upper and lower limits of the general pressure gauge is 10:1. For wide-range pressure gauges, it is required to be within ±0.15% of its entire measurement range, including 1 MPa. Moreover, the sensitivity is also very high at the lower limit of 1 MPa. The measured results of the product calibration of the China Institute of Metrology show that the sensitivity threshold is only 10 mg at the lower limit of 1 MPa, which is 0.001% of the total mass of 1 kg of the piston, the tray and the hanging basket. This value is only allowed. 1/5 of the error. The ratio of the upper and lower limits of the wide-range pressure gauge is 100:1. It can be seen that a wide-range pressure gauge can be used with two or more ordinary pressure gauges, which is powerful and cost-effective.

● The piston system is made of tungsten carbide with high strength, high hardness and low temperature coefficient of linear expansion (starting from the production of the first pressure gauge in 1989). It is calculated that the deformation error of the pressure is negligible; the working environment temperature Can be relaxed to 20 ± 5 ° C; performance and stability, is currently the only low-voltage tungsten carbide manufacturers in China.

● The displacement sensor of the piston working position is displayed by the instrument, which is sensitive, eye-catching and accurate.

● All technical indicators are in accordance with international standards (from 1989, the implementation of this standard JJG59-2007 national metrological verification procedures refer to the Minhao factory standard.


The certificate of China Institute of Metrology or Shanghai Metrology and Testing Institute is attached to the factory.

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